Airtel 2G Internet Data Plans and Recharge Haryana

We hereby listed the details of Airtel 2G Data internet plans belongs to the circle Haryana. In this circle Airtel provides various recharge options. Kindly check the below shown data table for selecting the suitable 2G plan in Haryana circle.

Airtel Prepaid Mobile 2G Internet Plans Haryana

Price/Rate (Rs)TalkTime Range Value (Rs)Validity  
4250 MB Facebookill 31 Dec.15
2290 MB 2G internet For 3 Days at Rs. 223 days
26100 MB 2G internet For 3 Days at Rs. 263 days
37150 MB 2G internet For 5 Days Rs. 375 days
44170 MB 2G internet For 5 Days at Rs. 445 Days
49200 MB 2G ineternet For 6 days at Rs. 496 days
72290 MB 2G internet For 9 Days at Rs. 729 Days
91370 MB 2G data11 days
98400 MB 2G internet For 12 Days at Rs. 9812 days
116250 MB 2G Internet14 Days
125500 MB 2G internet For 16 Days at Rs. 12516 Days
147600 MB 2G internet For 19 Days at Rs. 14719 days
1751 GB 2G internet28 days
1791 GB 2G internet28 days
1981.25 GB 2G Internet28 days
2031.25 GB and Unlimited FUP 2G Internet28 days
2452 GB 2G Internet28 Days
2462048 MB 2G Data60 Days
2512 GB and Unlimited FUP 2G Internet Data 28 Days
2963 GB 2G + UL FUP internet28 Days
3962 GB 2G Internet Data90 Days

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