Idea 2G Internet Data Plans and Recharge NESA

Here we have added the list of Idea 2G Data internet plans belongs to the circle NESA. In this circle Idea provides various recharge options. After usage charges is 4p/10kb and this is not applicable for unlimited plans. Kindly check the below shown data table for selecting the suitable 2G plan in Idea’s NESA circle.

CirclePackPriceDataValidityRemarksHow to recharge
NESASachet Pack520MB1-USSD *800*5#
NESASachet Pack8Unlimited 2G internet from 12midnight to 6am2 Night-USSD *121*9#, SIVR 1219
NESASachet Pack935 MB1-Paper Choice Recharge
NESASachet Pack1355 MB3-E-Recharge; USSD *800*13#
NESASachet Pack1980 MB3-E-Recharge, Paper Choice Recharge
NESASachet Pack29120 MB6-Paper Choice Recharge
NESALimited Volume Packs47200 MB9-E-Recharge, USSD *800*47#
NESALimited Volume Packs531024MB 4G/2G [Night Pack]1-E-Recharge, USSD *800*47#
NESALimited Volume Packs961024MB 4G/2G2-E-Recharge
NESALimited Volume Packs98400 MB20-E-Recharge, USSD *800*98#
NESALimited Volume Packs1231024MB 4G/2G Night Pack [Night Timing: 00:00hrs to 05:59:59hrs28-E-Recharge
NESALimited Volume Packs125500 MB25-E-Recharge
NESALimited Volume Packs147600 MB28-E-Recharge
NESALimited Volume Packs148450MB 4G/2G28-E-Recharge
NESALimited Volume Packs155650 MB30-E-Recharge
NESALimited Volume Packs1971.5 GB30-E-Recharge
NESALimited Volume Packs2991.25 GB 2G/4G data. Upto 10GB 2G/4G data, subject to time of recharge by subscriber28-E-Recharge
NESALimited Volume Packs3472GB - [1GB + 1GB Night] [Night Timing: 00:00hrs to 05:59:59hrs]28-E-Recharge
NESAUnlimited Data Packs2393GB3040 kbps from 3GB to 4GB and 10kbps thereafterE-Recharge
NESAUnlimited Data Packs2963 GB30Speed post 3GB @ 40kbpsE-Recharge
NESARate Cutters430.4p/10kb30 days-E-Recharge
NESARate Cutters770.3p/10kb30 days-E-Recharge
NESASpecial Packs1311 GB over 1 Weekend**7 days*** (1 Saturday and 1 Sunday within the span of 7 days)-E-Recharge
NESASpecial Packs4314 GB over 4 Weekends**28 days*** (4 Saturdays & 4 Sundays within the span of 28 days)-E-Recharge

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